Sell Your Property

Have you decided to sell a property? We accelerate the process, and help you get great results fast. Your sale will be designated an auction coordinator responsible for engaging the interested public to maximize your results at Auction. CORE gives you the advice of varied real estate experience in Franklin, Fulton, and Cumberland counties. Our team supports your investment through a fast, competitive sale.

Real Estate Auctions 101: The auctioneer and company represent only the Seller, and the Seller’s best interests.  If we become aware of any problems with the property we have an obligation to the public to share information (and we will). But compared to the typical real estate brokered method of sale, the auction method is far further to the side of “buyer beware”- made plain by the promotion of an “AS-IS” sale.

The Auction Method is the fastest way to liquidate any property. Actually, you could sell it faster than at auction… if you accept the first private offer you get, but then you run a serious risk of “selling it short” (that scenario becomes more likely the longer you’ve owned the property). We’re effective in creating competition for the new ownership in an open, honest atmosphere that realizes the greatest value. And you won’t have to wonder if you “could’ve got more”.

Service to the Public

Our auction process is well known for ease of entry and participation- with a simple, friendly approach. Shoppers are told to bring a forfeitable deposit and their bids, and the ability to close soon. We gather the interested public to bid on real estate- held either on-site or at Kenny’s Auction. When properties are vacant, lock boxes are maintained for ease of scheduling and access - shared only with a strict list of well-known investors and sub-agents- so every potential bidder will be able to view the property. Real estate agents frequent CORE property listings and often bring their shoppers. In this process, you are able to benefit from a great list of “regular” investors and agents- so that your sale is “off to a good start.” Before your property hits the newsprint, it has already received an earlier round of promotion through investor emails and website marketing. In addition to COREAUCTIONS.COM, we also maintain active memberships on real estate multiple listing systems, auction aggregators, and other online forums.

You may know by now…. Carl Ocker is owner of Kenny’s Auction on route 11 in Chambersburg- where personal property is sold Friday from 1PM until about midnight.  CORE is a sister company and stands for, 'Carl Ocker Real Estate'. CORE was created for the separate focus and attention to real estate. Many sales (especially Estates) are coordinated with Kenny’s and may even be held there. So if you’re already familiar with Tony, Lisa, and Nancy, then basically nothing’s changed but the addition of a few hands for real estate promotions.

Carl has sold real estate for 25 years.  Numerous properties - from modest single-family homes to 200+ acre farms, as well as commercial properties - he has sold just about every form of real estate that exists in southcentral Pennsylvania.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call him at 717-658-2999 

Our last 22 real estate auction properties successfully sold & settled.

Many times the hammer price has exceeded expectations and appraisals. On the other hand, not every property (and not every situation) is right for an auction. Carl will give you his honest and conservative opinion up front. Rarely do we conduct more than 5 real estate promotions at once, so we’re able to pay close attention to the details, maintain flyer boxes, be creative in signage, conduct longer open houses, and be “on call” for other needs and special showings.

CORE is your Agent

We will disclose all relevant knowledge and offers to you. During the existence of this agreement, CORE and subagents will pursue a successful sale with all diligence and integrity, confidentiality, professionalism, and in obedience to our agreement. The process is completely transparent and open to inspection; progress reports are ready on request. From the day you hire CORE, properties go to closing in an average of 75 days… promotion (3-5 weeks), auction, and settlement. But on occasion the entire process has taken only 5-7 weeks. If we can speed things up without jeopardizing the results then we’ll get it moved as fast as you like.

Yes, you may set a reserve bid. This is a serious decision that needs made correctly, or you may be wasting your efforts and money. We will discuss this particular issue with you, considering your situation and market trends.

An auction is not just for a distressed or foreclosed home… nor “just for estates”.

In our community real estate auctions are commonplace. But naturally, a lot of people still have questions and concerns about the process. We’ll keep this introduction brief, and welcome you to call upon us with any questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact us to request more information, or to review our recent results.

Thank You,
CORE Auctions, LLC