The Appraisal Game

NO CURRENT Sellers Participating

Whenever we have a sale participating, it will be posted clearly here, on fliers, and in newsprint.

There were several near guesses last time, but the $500 was not won.
The next seller (who chooses to play) will add $500 to the pot to make it $1,000…
continuing to grow with participating sales until someone correctly guesses the sale price.

The Game will only be played for certain properties as advertised.
This is entirely separate from the sale of the property.

Over the years we’ve heard the question a thousand times…
                                                “What do you think the property will sell for?”

Well, we don’t know. And your guess may be good as anyone’s! So we ask you...
                                                 “What do you think the property will sell for?”

To be extra clear...

This is not a sweepstakes or a raffle, and the auction company profits in no way.

Participating in the game has nothing to do with buying anything, or bidding on anything.

There is no connection between "guessing" what the price will be and serious "bidding".
This is just a game for all the aimless bystanders who have supported us all these years.
You don't need to register to bid on the property in order to play this game.
If you not bidding at the sale, just drop your guess in the box marked “?!”, and have a seat.

To participate, submit your “appraisal” as directed here:

  1. Be a resident of the county in which the participating property to be sold is situated, or a resident of an immediately adjacent county; or be active military; or a veteran.
  2. Before the sale starts, guess what the real estate will sell for.
  3. On a check-sized piece of paper, write your:

NAME, PHONE NUMBER, $GUESS AMOUNT, & your Email (or Physical) ADDRESS.

  1. Bring it to the sale no later than 10 minutes before the sale starts.

Our Only Hint:
Final bid increments at real estate sales are usually $1000, sometimes as low as $500.

Limitations: Void where prohibited. Only one guess per person.
If there’s more than one correct guess/appraisal, then the prize will be split evenly among the lucky guessers.
If no one guesses the sales price, the prize rolls over into to next participating sale.

Just ask yourself what you think it'll go for, and come see what you know.
Have fun and Good Luck!!